Thursday, August 27, 2009

Late Night E-Mail

Dan sent me an email super late night and I think you guys will enjoy it. Dan is ready for the next trip to NC in a week. Everybody else will be here as well finishing up their parts for the video. Its coming soon. Dan has been on the hunt for songs lately. I think he is looking harder then me. YOUGOTTAGETTHAT!

"hopefully u got that track i sent cuz u didn't mention it, & u got an opinion. & hopefully u got the ok by morning to send that Tab1 trak, i dont got it & im curious.. & if not, send it because im hungry like the guy who made it & the guys who made it.. & there my boyz... & u know me, and its good. & thats why.. & let me hear that shit before somebody else shows me! & i got some more tracks for u! & i think i got the yougottagetthat soundtrack of the year! & u got good taste.. & give me a taste.. & ya late'... come thru brett! & cacka next week brett. hllr. -murf"